Weekly Announcements for May 6-10

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Monday (5/06):

Tuesday (5/07): Tuesday folders come home. Please return them Wednesday. Library – ALL LIBRARY BOOKS ARE DUE

Wednesday (5/08):


Friday (5/10): Evacuation Drill 1:30 p.m.



Awards and Class Party…

We will have our Class Award Ceremony, Class Party and Class Talent Show on Thursday, May 24th (time to be announced). This is a great time to recognize everyone’s abilities and enjoy their talents! Please start thinking of a talent for your child to perform on this day. A song, magic trick, joke, dance or more! Students can perform individually or in groups.


Keep reading RAZkids and practicing Dreambox! Return reading books, flashcards or any other school materials you may have at home. I will start sending bills home next week.

This week in Reading Workshop…

We will continue to review the strategies that Strong Readers use to help them understand what they read. We use our “strategy tool kit” as a reminder of what we have learned this year. At the end of First-grade our readers naturally use their comprehension strategies! It’s fun when we can name what we do as readers.

This week in Writing Workshop…

We will review types of writing and the writing process. We are working to revise and edit independently!

This week in Math…

We will be working on Inequality and Comparison using Subtraction strategies. Students will be thinking about the equal sign and what is on either side of it. Comparison subtraction deals with quantities that are compared with each other. An example would be, Mrs. Caballero baked 12 cupcakes. Lyla baked 15. How many more cupcakes did Lyla bake that Mrs. Caballero?

This week in Science…

We will begin our unit on plants. We will study seeds this week. I would love for the students to bring a seed any time this week to share with our class. This can be a seed from a fruit or veggie that you eat at home. We will observe these and discuss the plants they will grow into.

Have a good week!


Coming up  . . .

May 7 – Amy’s Ice Cream Spirit Night

May 9 – 1st Grade Field Trip to the Thinkery

May 13 – STAAR Grade 3/Grade 4 Math (closed campus)

May 14 – STAAR Grade 3/Grade 4 Reading (closed campus)

May 15 – STAAR Grade 5 Science (closed campus)

May 16 – Volunteer Breakfast/PTA General Meeting

May 22 – 5th Grade Graduation

May 23 – Last Day of School/End of Year Party





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