Weekly Announcements for April 1-5

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Monday (4/01):  Life Skill Awards Ceremony

Tuesday (4/02): Tuesday folders go home. PTA General Meeting & 2nd Grade Program.

Wednesday (4/03): Meyer Library Check-out

Thursday (4/04):  

Friday (4/05): Meyer Counselor lesson with Mrs. Amiri


This week in Reading and Writing workshop…

We will begin our independent research on chicks! We have already completed a guided research unit, so this one will be mostly student-completed! We will review non-fiction text features and learn about chicks along the way! Our final products will be folders with index cards, organizing our information into body parts, life cycle, habitat, diet etc. I am excited to see their final products. It will take us about two weeks to complete!


This week in Math…

We will use our knowledge of addition and subtraction to solve various word problems.  We will continue to discuss how addition and subtraction are related. We will use this knowledge to solve missing addend problems and problems comparing “how many more or less” one group has than another group.  We will also continue to build our number sense knowledge by comparing and ordering numbers up to 120.


This week in Social Studies…

We will continue talking about Goods and Services.  We will discuss how people in our community provide the goods and services we need to live every day.


This week in Science…

We will be learning about Chicks! This is a Project Based Learning project so we will design chicken coops for our chicks to live in. We will mostly be using this Science time to learn more about what chickens need to thrive and survive, so our coops are a happy place for them to live!

Life Skill of the Week: SENSE OF HUMOR – To laugh and be playful without hurting others feelings.


Coming up  . . .

April 9 – STAAR Assessment/Closed Campus (Grade 4 Writing & Grade 5 Math)

April 10 – STAAR Assessment/Closed Campus (Grade 5 Reading)

April 16 – STAAR Ready Math – 4th grade

April 17 – STAAR Ready Reading – 4th grade

April 18 – STAAR Ready Science – 5th grade

April 19- Spring Holiday/No School

April 22 – Evacuation Drill, 1:30 p.m.

April 26 – Field Day (volunteers needed)

April 29 – May 3 – Library Book Fair

May 2 – KnOWLedge Night/Spring Open House

May 7 – Amy’s Ice Cream Spirit Night

May 9 – 1st Grade Field Trip to the Thinkery

May 13 – STAAR Grade 3/Grade 4 Math (closed campus)

May 14 STAAR Grade 3/Grade 4 Reading (closed campus)

May 15 STAAR Grade 5 Science (closed campus)

May 16 – Volunteer Breakfast/PTA General Meeting

May 27 – 5th Grade Graduation

May 28 – Last Day of School/End of Year Parties





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