Weekly Announcements for March 4 – March 8

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Monday (3/4): Life Skill Award  (First Grade teachers will be planning collaboratively for the first two hours of school.)

Tuesday (3/5): Tuesday folders go home. Please unload and return on Wednesday.

Wednesday (3/6): Library Checkout!

Thursday (3/7):  Counselor Lesson at 10:00 a.m.

Friday (3/8): Academies


It was so fun seeing many of you this weekend at Caraway City Limits!

I can not believe that it is already March! We are quickly approaching the end of the year.  Remember to keep reading daily. 🙂

This week in Reading and Writing workshop…

We will be exploring Poetry as readers and writers! We will learn what poetry is and form our own ideas of what it can be. We will read poems and listen for the music in them.  We will discover rhythm and rhyme in poetry. We will begin to write simple poems and discover that big thoughts can come in little packages!

If you would like to help with this at home, one great way is to practice rhyming words.  You can even play “Rhyming I-Spy.” When going for a walk or in the car, you can say, “I see a tree, that rhymes with ______.”  Your little one should be able to say “bee, me, fee, he, she, etc.”

This week in Math…

We will begin relating Addition and Subtraction.  We will learn about how the facts are related and all about Fact Families. We will practice with word problems and experiences with concrete objects in class.  Learning how addition and subtraction are related will help your child recall basic math facts quickly as their mental math strategies develop.

This week in Social Studies…

We will be exploring the wants and needs of people.

This week in Science…

We will be learning about Life Cycles.  We will discuss the similarities and differences in the life cycle of a frog compared to the life cycles of other animals.

Life skill of the week is Patience – To wait calmly for someone or something.


Spring Pictures

All money and/or unwanted pictures need to be returned to the school as soon as possible. If you’ve already returned them, Thank you!


March 13:  Kindergarten Round-up

March 11 – 15 – STEAM Week

March 15 – STEAM Day

March 18-22:  Spring Break! No school

Marc 27: Liz Scanlon Author Visit

March 29 – Family Fit & Fun Night

March 30 – Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby



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