Weekly Announcements for March 11- March 15

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STEAM WEEK!!!  This week is STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) week at Caraway. STEAM Week is an experiential project focused learning opportunity for students. The theme this year is Mission Impossible. Each grade level is provided with a mission to complete over the course of the week. Students will work as a class, and in teams to complete their mission with a focus on engineering design. All students will complete their projects in class with a final presentation on Friday, March 15th.

Monday (3/11): Life Skill Award  

Tuesday (3/12): Tuesday folders go home. Please unload and return on Wednesday.

Wednesday (3/13): Library Checkout!

Thursday (3/14):  Counselor Lesson at 10:00 a.m.

Friday (3/15): STEAM DAY, Art to Remember orders are due


Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

Monday, March 11 – Bring your teacher (and staff person) their favorite flower

Tuesday, March 12 – Bring your teacher (and staff person) a favorite snack

Wednesday, March 13 – Bring your teacher (and staff person) a special note

Thursday, March 14 – Bring your teacher (and staff person) a classroom supply

Friday, March 15 – Bring your teacher (and staff person) a special treat, note, or act of kindness of your kiddo’s choice


This week in Reading and Writing workshop…

We will continue our exploration of Poetry as readers and writers! We will begin to look for sensory language in Poetry.  We will listen for details make us think of something we see, hear, smell, touch or taste. We will think about how this type of language engages us as readers. The students are putting their poems together in a ‘Poetry Booklet.’ They are precious and I can’t wait to send them home so you can read them!

As writers, we will also think about the “ingredients” that poems need. When writing poetry we write about things we care a lot about! It helps us, as writers, think about the meaning of our poetry.  We will focus on “showing, not telling” to help the readers of our poetry feel our poems in their souls!

This week in Math…

We will continue relating Addition and Subtraction.  We will use objects and picture models to solve word problems that involve joining, separating and comparing sets of numbers.  Please continue to practice Dreambox at home! Our PTA provides this AMAZING resource and I love logging on and seeing what the children are learning.

This week in Social Studies…

We will be wrapping up our unit on economics.  We will read about different ways citizens make choices to meet their needs in our community.

This week in Science…

We will be learning about the characteristics of different animal groups.


Life Skill of the Week:  Patience – to wait calmly for someone or something


March 13:  Kindergarten Round-up

March 11 – 15 – STEAM Week

March 15 – STEAM Day

March 18-22:  Spring Break! No school

Marc 27: Liz Scanlon Author Visit

March 29 – Family Fit & Fun Night

March 30 – Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby


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