Week 23: Weekly Announcements for February 4 – February 8

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This week…

The 101st day of school is upon us.  We will celebrate 101 days in school this MONDAY!!  We will recognize this day with fun activities. Dress up as an old person for this fun day!  You may think about adding a bun, pearls, sweaters, pretend glasses, suspenders, ties, hats or more! (Dressing up is for fun and is optional!)


Monday (2/4):  Life Skill Ceremony. (101st Day of School!!)

Tuesday (2/5):  Tuesday folders come home.                   

Wednesday (2/6):  Library- Check out only. (Make sure to return books)

Thursday (2/7):  Counseling Lesson with Mrs. Amiri

Friday (2/8):  Caraway Academies!


This week in Reading and Writing Workshop…

We will continue our research unit.  We have collected information using nonfiction books and online sources.  This week, we will finish our non-fiction writing.

This week in Math workshop…

We will continue to look at place value. Students will use objects, pictures, and expanded & standard forms to represent numbers up to 99.  We will practice representing different numbers using expanded form equations.

This week in Science…

We will begin learning about objects in the sky.  We will learn about the sun and moon, and discuss night and day.  We will observe and record changes in the appearance and characteristics of objects in the sky.  

This week in Social Studies…

We are learning the difference between needs and wants.  We will also review maps, globes and natural resources.

Our Life Skill of the week is Problem Solving!  We will think about how we can create solutions for difficult situations and everyday problems.  We have talked about how you can stand up for yourself in a kind way. We will discuss different options we can use to solve our problems.


Have a great week!

Dates to Remember:

February 4 – 101st Day of School!

February 5 – Picture Day

February 14 -Valentines Day Parties

February 18 – No school for students

February 19 – No school for students

February 26 – PTA Meeting & Program

February 27 – K-2 Author Visit

March 2 – Caraway City Limits



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