Week 21: Weekly Announcements for January 22-25

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This week…

Monday (1/21): No School/MLK Day

Tuesday (1/22):  Tuesday folders come home.  Life skill award for Courage.

Wednesday (1/23): Library Checkout!!  Science Fair and Science Night  6-8:00 p.m.

Thursday (1/24):

Friday (1/25):  Caraway Academies

This week in Reading and Writing Workshop…

We will begin a unit called “Readers and Writers Research Together.”  This unit bundles student expectations for understanding expository text and research as students note and synthesize what is learned from researching to find answers to their questions.  This will be a class research project, guided by the teacher.

This week in Math workshop…

We will be looking at place value. Students will use objects, pictures, and expanded & standard forms to represent numbers up to 99.  They will also recognize the quantity of structured arrangements.

This week in Science…

We will begin a unit on Seasons.  Students will identify and describe the characteristics of each season, when and how the seasons change and why they change at the same time each year.

This week in Social Studies…

We are learning about The World Around Us.  This week we will learn about Natural Resources and how to conserve those resources.

Our Life Skill of the week is Caring!  We will talk as a class about ways to show you care at school and at home.

Have a great week!

Dates to Remember:

Sat., Jan. 26 District UIL Meet

Jan. 29th – PTA Board Meeting

Feb 4th – Spring/Class Pictures

Feb. 18-19th – No school

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