Weekly Announcements for December 3-

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The Book Fair is coming back!  This week during our library time, we will watch a quick preview video showing some of the books that will be available at the book fair next week.  Reminder:  If you have a late or lost book, you must either turn the book in or pay for it before you are allowed to enter the Book Fair.

First grade will begin our first Project Based Learning activity! We want to help keep our Earth clean and beautiful!   We will participate in the Crayola ColorCycle project. This is a fantastic program where you can send plastic markers to Crayola and they will recycle them!  All you have to do is send in any used, markers, dry erase markers, or highlighters.  (They do NOT have to be Crayola brand.  ANY brand is accepted.) We will have boxes to collect the used products.  First grade will ship off all the products to Crayola for recycling eliminating placing hundreds of markers into landfills.

This week…

Monday (12/04): Life Skill Award in Cafeteria

Tuesday (12/05):  Tuesday folders come home

Wednesday (12/06):  Library Book Fair Preview Video

Thursday (12/07):

Friday (12/08):  


This week in Reading and Writing Workshop…

This week, we will continue to explore the story elements in fairytales.  Additionally, we will discuss the characters, setting, plot (beginning, middle, and end) and the problem and solution in the story.

This week in Math workshop…

We will continue learning about 3-D shapes.  We will identify and sort the different 3-D shapes.  We will analyze and compare them as well. We will discuss which 2-D shapes have been put together to make the 3-D shapes, and we will think about where we can find 3-D shapes in our real world.  As we wrap up this unit, we start focusing on fractions. (In first grade, we focus on one whole, halves, and fourths.)


This week in Science…

We will continue learning about rocks, soil, and bodies of water.  We will observe, compare, describe and gather evidence of how rocks, soil, and water help to make useful products.


This week in Social Studies…

We will also be learning about different cultures and holiday traditions.


Our Life Skill of the week is Cooperation! We use cooperation To work together toward a common goal or purpose.  This is perfect timing for our PBL project.


That’s all for now! Have a great week!

Dates to Remember:

Dec. 10-14th– Book Fair

Dec 19th– Winter Party @ 1:30-2:30

Dec 20-Jan 7th– Winter break

Jan 8th– Students return to School

Friday, January 11th – Fairytale Parade at  8:10 AM (First Grade students will dress up as their favorite fairytale character.)

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