Weekly Announcements for November 12-16

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Weekly Announcements for November 12-16

This week…

Monday (11/12): Happy Veterans Day!  Daily folders come home. Return daily! No Life Skill Ceremony this week.

Tuesday (11/13):  8:00 a.m. Fire Drill.  Tuesday folder comes home.  PTA General Meeting & 3rd Grade Program, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Wednesday (11/14): Library checkout this week! Tuesday folders are due and empty. (We will a sub.  Mrs. Meyer is judging our campus UIL meet.)

Thursday (11/15):  We will have a sub in the morning.  First Grade is having a couple of hours to plan lessons for next semester.

Friday (11/16):  Adventure Dash Fun Run Day during Specials time

This week in Reading and Writing Workshop…

We will continue our learning about nonfiction text.  We know Readers read to learn! Writers can also write to teach readers something they know a lot about!  We will read nonfiction books about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims this week, and we will write facts we have learned as we read.  We will also think about what we are thankful for! We are writing a nonfiction book about Thanksgiving.

This week in Math…

This week we will be learning about 2-D shapes.  We will identify and sort the different 2-D shapes.  We will analyze and compare them as well. We will discuss how we can put different shapes together to make new shapes, and we will think about where we can find 2-D shapes in our real world.


This week in Science…

We will be learning about rocks, soil, and bodies of water.  We will discuss how the natural world includes rocks, soil, and water that can be observed in cycles, patterns, and systems.  We will observe, compare, describe and sort different types of soil. We will identify and describe a variety of natural bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans. We will also gather evidence of how rocks, soil, and water help to make useful products.

This week in Social Studies…

We will learn about cultures.  We will discuss the many diverse cultures that are represented in our classroom.  We will also discuss family traditions and customs from these different cultures.

Our Life Skill of the week is CARING! Caring is when you feel and show concern for others.  We will talk as a class about times that we can show Caring at school and at home.

Coming up . . .

  •       November 14- UIL Campus Meet
  •       November 15 – Thanksgiving Luncheon for Staff (no school-wide luncheon this year)
  •       November 19-23 – Thanksgiving Break
  •       November 27 – Holiday Photos


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