Week Announcements for November 5-9

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Hello! I hope you all were able to enjoy your extra hour of time this weekend…


Monday: Life Skills Ceremony for Courage.  Daily folders come home.

Tuesday: Caraway is a Polling location for the Election/Adventure Dash Kick-off/Tuesday folders will come home. Please unload and return on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Guidance lesson with our Counselor Mrs. Amiri


Friday: Last Caraway Academy this session // Skate-Night


This week in Reading and Writing workshop…

We will be thinking like readers as we explore Thanksgiving books to learn more about the First Thanksgiving. Then we will take what we know and have learned and make our own books about the First Thanksgiving.


This week in Math…

This week we will be learning about doubles.  We will discuss what a double is. We will think about where we have seen doubles in real life situations as well.  When we feel confident about the doubles facts, we will be applying that knowledge when we try to solve other addition equations.  We will learn that we can use the doubles plus 1 and doubles plus 2 strategies to solve an equation. (For example, 4+5=? If you know that 4+4=8, and 5 is 1 more than 4, and 8+1 more is 9, then 4+5=9.)


This week in Science…

We will continue exploring patterns of movement!  We will learn all about the many different ways objects can move.  We will review positional words. We will demonstrate, observe and record as we learn.


This week in Social Studies…

We will continue discussing how technology has impacted learning in our present time! We will also learn about how our communities have changed over time.


November Events

  • November 7 – Donna Bowman Author Visit, 3rd-5th
  • November 9 – Skate Night @ Playland Skate Center, 3:00-9:00 p.m.
  • November 16 – Adventure Dash Fun Run
  • November 19-23 – Thanksgiving Break


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