Announcements for October 15-29

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Thank you so much to everyone for making conferences run smoothly!


Monday (10/15):  Daily folders come home.

Tuesday (10/16):  Tuesday folders come home.  Return on Wednesday.  New Bus Routes Start.

Wednesday (10/17): Meyer Library Checkout

Thursday (10/18):  

Friday (10/19): Caraway Academies- 7:50 am.

This week in Writing Workshop…

We will continue thinking like experts!  The students will think about what they are an expert at, and they will write brief pieces that include facts about their topic.  We will continue to think about how we can organize our writing so that it makes sense to the reader. We will discuss how expository writing does not have a beginning, middle, and end, but that the facts we write still need to be organized in a way that makes it easy to read and understand.  

This week in Reading Workshop…

We will continue our learning about nonfiction text.  We know that readers read to learn! Writers can also write to teach readers something they know a lot about!  We will examine the features of nonfiction and create a list of ways readers use these features. We will discuss the purpose behind why readers read nonfiction…to LEARN!  We will be learning, reading and writing about Bats!

This week in Math…

We will begin learning about telling time to the hour! We will practice telling time on an analog clock.  We will discuss the hands of the clock and what the numbers mean. Then we will match the time on an analog clock to the number time on a digital clock.

This week in Social Studies…

This week in Science…

We will continue learning about different forms of energy.  The students have learned that there are 3 different forms of energy (heat, light & sound).  This week, we will discuss the importance of these three forms of energy.

This week’s Life Skill is RESPONSIBILITY! We will think about how we can be accountable for our actions.   


That’s all for now! Have a great week!

Dates to Remember:

Oct 20th– Sock Hop begins at 4:00 p.m.

Oct 28th– Trunk or Treat at 2 p.m.

Oct 30st– Report Cards go home


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