Weekly Announcements for August 27-31

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We had a great second week of First grade! We began learning all about our routines such as Read to Self, Phonics and Writer’s Workshop. All of this hard work made us feel so tired! We are happy that we had this weekend to recuperate!


School begins at 7:40 am! Tuesday folders will come home every Tuesday! Please unload and return on Wednesday.

Thursday (8/30): Parent Orientation Night! 1st-2nd Grade 6:30-7:00 p.m. PTA meeting 7:00-7:30 p.m. Please attend and sign up for a PTA membership for $7.50.

Monday (9/3): No School- Labor Day

Friday (9/7):  Picture day

This week in Reading Workshop…

We will continue to build our stamina as readers as we read independently in our classroom.  As teachers, we are completing beginning of the year assessments to share with you at conference time.  We will discuss Reading Conferences and how they work. We will create expectations for this time and how we can be respectful of our classmates as they meet and discuss their reading with a teacher.  We will integrate our social studies skills during our Language art time. This week we will focus on Citizens in our Community. 

This week in Writing Workshop…

We will continue to build our writing stamina as we write stories about our experiences and continue to practice our writing routines.  We will learn that all writers think about their stories, sketch a picture then write words to match. We will also practice stretching the sounds in words as we write them in our stories.

This week in Science…

We will begin our first unit study of Investigating our Materials. We will remember how scientists record their thoughts and observations.  We will complete an experiment and record our finding in our science notebooks just like real scientists! We will also observe objects and discuss their physical properties.

This week in Math…

We will continue building number sense.  We will begin to count objects and group them in ways that make sense to us.   We will practice counting real-life objects and grouping them. We will also begin solving math problems and remind ourselves about how we show our thinking on paper!

Our Life Skill of the week is CARING.  We will discuss how we feel and show concern for others!


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