Weekly Announcements August 20-24

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Parent night is Thursday, August 30th, 6:30-8:00 p.m.


First Grade Parent Night:

Please come and get to know the other parents in our class…Thursday, August 30th. Even if you’ve been to a Parent Night with your first or second child, it’s still important to come and meet the other parents. These are people you will be attending all kinds of school, sports, and social events for years to come as your children grow up together.  This is an adult only event, so please make other arrangements for your children.  🙂


Weekly Activities for August 28th – September 1st:

Writing: This week we will be discussing where writers get their ideas, how they set up their workspace and take care of their tools.  We will write our first story about our families. We will hold onto this first story to compare to our writing at the end of the year.  It is amazing to watch the growth these First Graders will make in a year!


Reading:  We are reading all about ways to be leaders at school, home, and in our community.  We will work on setting up our reading workshop, including selecting books that are just right, and ways to take care of our class library.


Math:  We are exploring number sense this week.  We will be working on graphing, focusing on comparing how many more and less in different categories.  This is a great time to remind students about organizing their data so they can think smarter, not harder.  We will also be comparing even and odd numbers.


Science:  We are SCIENTISTS!!  We will be learning all about what scientists do, how they organize information and record their findings.  We will discover ways to keep ourselves and our friends safe while learning.



Water Bottles and Snack:

Please send in a full water bottle labeled with your child’s name and snack (the size of your child’s fist) EACH DAY. We are very thirsty after recess, and we share our water fountains with 6 other classes.  The snack gives us the energy to enjoy the day.


Tuesday Folders:

Be sure to check our Tuesday Folders each week.  Please send back the folder the following day, on Wednesday, so we can fill them with graded work and announcements for the next week.


Morning Duty:

We are updating our system for the second week of school: Please know that starting this Monday, teachers will be on duty in the hallway to greet our “early birds” from 7:15-7:35.  We will bring them inside their rooms when the 7:35 bell rings.  IF YOU BRING YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL FROM 7:35-7:40, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO WALK HIM/HER TO THEIR CLASSROOM DOOR, AND SAY YOUR GOOD-BYE’S THERE.  YOU WILL WANT TO DO THIS PERIODICALLY, SO YOU CAN SEE ALL OF THEIR AMAZING WORK THAT WILL SOON BE DISPLAYED ON THE WALLS OUTSIDE OUR DOOR!!


Volunteer Background Application:

This week, if possible, PLEASE COMPLETE A ‘VOLUNTEER APPLICATION’ background check.  This has to be updated YEARLY.  You will ALL need this if you plan to go on any field trip with us, be in the room during parties, volunteer in the classroom, or any other time. THANK YOU!  It’s for our Babes’ safety. (Please help your spouse enroll, too!)



School Start Time:

We start teaching at 7:40.  If your little one is late, it’s can be hard on them and the rest of the class.  So thank you for rare tardies.


Lunch Accounts:

You may want to have at least $5-$10 in your child’s lunch account for those “impossible” mornings when you could not get their lunch made in time.  The easiest way is to set up an online account at www.myschoolbucks.com.



Please consider dues/donations to our PTA.  They help out with our supplies, our field trips, our family night, science night…the list goes on and on.  OUR INVOLVED PARENTS ARE WHAT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE AT OUR SCHOOL.  Here is a link to join online. 🙂



Please, Please Label Everything:



Classroom Volunteers:

Please be thinking of a way you can help volunteer in our classroom or from home.  This will be a chance for you to help in the classroom, get to know your child’s friends, and often “sit back and be like a fly on the wall” getting to see firsthand what your child is like in a classroom setting.  There are children who will need you to listen to them read, papers to cut, stories to read one on one, etc.  I promise to find a place that feels like the right fit for you.  With plenty of volunteers, I don’t have to pick and choose limited activities. TOGETHER, WE CAN DO IT ALL! 🙂  Let me know what you enjoy and when a good time works with your schedule. I am flexible!  (You don’t want to look back and have missed it.)


Coming up . . . .

Sept. 3 Labor Day (No School)

Sept. 7th is Picture Day

Sept. 29 Caraway is turning 40!  Join us from 4-7 p.m. (More details to come)


Thank you, again, for considering how you will be a part of our Classroom Community.  Your time and effort will be helping me lay a foundation for each little one!  You and I-together-can make a huge difference in their little lives.  I am SOOOO EXCITED about this year with your precious kiddo!


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